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Hookah diving is a unique an innovative method of exploring the worlds oceans and waterways. Imagine having the ability to move in three dimensions without the cumbersome weight of a tank attached to your back. Imagine a system so affordable, you and your friends can dive all day for just a few dollars. Imagine no more tank fills or hydro testing. Imagine an air supply that is virtually unlimited.

With a diving hookah you need not imagine, its all true. Octopumps brings it to you at a great price and fully backed by a great warranty. So......Dive in and look around!!!!


We have updated our phone number !!  


We have updated our Add-On’s. Take a look and see what is new for this year


Are you dredging for Gold or any other Metals and need a air pump????

New to Octopumps is Side mount air pump that you can attach to your fluid pump for a all in one system!!! Expect it be up on our site real soon!!


We renewed our annual air test of our dive  systems to verify they meet OSHA breathing standards. If you would like to see the certificate of compliance, please click HERE.

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This is the GX120 engine. These engines are the top of the line Honda Commercial engines. They are designed for years of use with little maintenance. This is also the quietest of the entire hookah line up  Read more >